Having grudges with people is not a good habit at all. It leaves them searching for opportunities to get back to the people who have offended them in some way or the other.
The biggest problem with people is that they hear more than they listen. You might pop the question as to what is the difference between hearing and listening.
Who does not like to progress in the world? Everyone wants to achieve the golden pot at the end of the rainbow. It makes the world a very competitive place to live in.
One of the biggest hindrances to your growth in life is your anger. It causes your downfall every time. The earlier you realize this fact, the better it is for you.
What is the ultimate road to self-development in life? What is it that prevents people from leading perfectly happy lives? The answer lies in the EGO. Every person in the world has an ego.
Ask any person about what he thinks is the most important for developing one’s personality. The most common answer is that one should go to a gym, do exercises, have a proper diet and produce a great body.
When is a man usually at his best? It is when he is in his comfort zone. He knows the surroundings and can manoeuvre the situation according to his strengths.
It is a fact of Life. Problems come and go with astonishing regularity. It is not the problems that matter but the way they affect you surely does. It depends how you look at the issues from your angle.