Heaters4Saunas – a premier supplier of DIY sauna kits including sauna heaters,explains how do you make the first purchase of sauna kits best suiting your budget and sauna desires.A first time buyer might be overwhelmed with the whole buying process, when it comes to making a purchase of sauna kit. Fortunately, Heaters4Saunas can help you with purchasing your DIY sauna kits. There are a few questions you should ask yourself to decide which sauna is best suited for you, So far the most important question you ask first when buying a sauna is the place where you want to place your sauna. Do you want to dedicate a whole room for a traditional sauna experience or planning on using a sauna in the corner of the room? This decision is crucial as the size of the room will help you dictate which sauna you can buy. For more information call us at 800 759 8990.


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    Heaters4Saunas provides the finest barrel saunas built from the Canadian Western Red Cedar. They export internationally directly to their clients to provide the superior standard customer service and the most competitive prices....

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