It would be much easier for you with quick access to all modern day hot tub supplies including hot tub chemicals, covers, sanitizers, pumps, heater elements, replacement boards and more. You might be thinking that all these supplies will be very expensive. Just like a swimming pool, cleaning your hot tub and maintaining it will be a continuous process that may cause you huge expenses over time. But for having a control on your expenses, you can visit our online store where we sell discount spa parts and hot tub supplies including hot tub covers, chemicals and other quality accessories from famous manufacturers like Balboa.We can provide custom made replacement hot tub covers in different styles, colors and with differing range of insulation value (R21and R14) to help you protect your tub water from dirt, dust and twigs coming from outside. In fact, you can also have eco-friendly and safe hot tub chemicals that are approved for sanitization of plastic spas and wooden tubs.Contact us at 800 759 8990.


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    Cedar Tubs Direct has a great product line including unharming hot tub chemicals that would be safe to apply in any kind of pool or hot tub. We give reliable choices in hot tubs chemical so that you can maintain the level of chemical your tub properly and without any physical harm....

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