At the Landmark Forum, they encourage you to look at the problems from various angles. You never know which angle would offer the easiest solution to the problem. This is the best psychological way to solve personal problems.
Developing your psychological side of your personality is as important as strengthen your physical side. The Landmark Forum plays a big role in developing the positive side of your personality by teaching you to dismiss negative thoughts from your mind.
Some words though positive have a negative connotation. The mind is not in a position to immediately decipher the same. Hence, you end up doing the exactly opposite thing. Landmark Forum teaches you to use the right words.
Many people believe that the teachings of the Landmark Forum resemble what is written in the scriptures. Hence, they give it a sort of a cult feeling. In fact, they do not have to do anything with any religion.
Negativity can be very discouraging. It can pull you back from giving it your best shot. On the other hand, having a positive approach to life can help you tide over any crisis. Landmark Forum focuses on these aspects.
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