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My travel world notes are meant to help fellow travellers to prepare for their trips more accurately, to provide some additional information that might be needed during the trip. I read a lot before leaving for my trip, I hope others do the same. It is always important to learn from good and bad experiences. It helps a lot!

Here you can read about my good and bad experience in various countries,find my notes on hotels, airlines, places to eat, meals to order, scams to avoid and much more.
So you want to visit Europe. Well you do not have to spend a fortune on your dream vacation. Flying to Europe can be as inexpensive as flying almost anywhere else if you keep a few tips in mind.
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لوازم یدکی لیفان اصلی و اورجینال با 48 ساعت گارانتی برگشت
If you are that person who has been browsing South America tours for the perfect getaway where you can enjoy natural scenery, your attention should be Brazil the largest country in South America.